The most popular artist to come out of Flint in years "YN Jay" exploded onto the scene for 2020 and is looking to give back this holiday after his new success.

Over $10,000 in toys will be handed out at Northwestern High School located at g2138 W Carpenter Rd, Flint, MI 48505 today at Noon until supplies last. This will be a car only event, so please stay in your car as toys are being handed out.

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YN Jay (2)

Yn Jay's hit track has made him wildly successful this year and you'll often see him post photos online with him hanging out with superstars like Lil Uzi Vert and more. Now he's taking the time to give back to the Flint and Beecher community via a toy drive.

I talked to YN Jay about this toy giveaway and he really wanted a giveaway that would bridge the gap between Flint and Beecher. And that's exactly what we need right now during this pandemic. Flint and Beecher were already in a rough spot before the pandemic. It's almost like people just don't care, but that's why YN Jay wants to set the bar at a new high with this one.


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