The 37 Second Challenge visited Eagles Nest Academy this weekend to give a couple of the young players a chance to take the challenge.

Mateen was first to try, and he almost got his hands on the cash! In the end, he barely missed two half court shots that would have won him $100.

Dei'on was up next, and nearly picked up the money himself. He ended up missing a half court shot at the last second that would have won him the cash.

We'll be bringing the Club 93.7 & MetroPCS 37 Second Challenge back to the Flint City League in two weeks, so be looking out for your chance to take the challenge. If you want to take part in the challenge when we visit the Flint Youth League again, make sure you hit up Chris Mclavish with CMB Basketball.

In the meantime, check out the videos from all of the 37 Second Challenges of the year so far here.

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