The Club 93.7 & MetroPCS 37 Second Challenge saw some dunks, borrowed shoes, and earned money this week with Swartz Creek and Fenton.

We always have a great time at the schools we visit with the 37 Second Challenge, but this week in Swartz Creek, we saw a lot of new things.

First of all, I've never loaned my shoes to any student for the challenge. That changed though when Dylan Rembowski came out to shoot in sandles. After squeezing into my shoes, Dylan was on fire. He sunk the first three shots with ease, and nearly made the half court shot before time ran out.

Drew Miller was our shooter from Fenton, and he also showed us something new. We've never had the 37 Second Challenge start off with a dunk . . . until last Friday. Drew went on to sink the free throw, and three pointer. With about six seconds left on the clock, Drew banked in the half court shot to win $100! Make sure you follow Drew on twitter, and ask him if you can borrow $10 or something.

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