A couple of desperate men decided to hold up a garbage man in Flint today in broad daylight.

Flint Police Operations reported the armed robbery on their Facebook page today.

Dayton and Welch. Garbage man was just robbed by 2 B/M in a older model silver Grand Am with a paper plate. Male was armed with a silver handgun. Last seen going N/B on Welch

Someone seriously thought it was a good idea to hold up the garbage man. In the comments of the original post, FPO states that criminals only got away with a pair of sunglasses.

As if being the garbage man isn't a hard enough job,  now you have to worry about somebody jacking you for your sunglasses!

I'm definitely not disrespecting anyone working in the sanitation industry, but what kind of an idiot tries to rob someone dealing with garbage all day?!

I mean it's not like the garbage man is going to take anything really nice with him out on the route. In fact, most garbage men probably have specially reserved things that they don't care about to wear to work.

In a perfect world, the police would not find these criminals. The garbage man would find their car . . . unattended . . . right before they were heading to dump with a full day worth of garbage pick up.

I think we can all laugh to ourselves about what happens next.

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