D-Nick "The Microphone Misfit"  Born Dominique Stockman, D-Nickel (as he is sometimes called) grew up in Flint Michigan. As a youth D-Nick received his first performing experiences as an improvisation actor learning vocal and speech techniques, theatrical movement styles, and how to properly communicate and complete a story. It was D's theatrical skills that lead him to college in Chicago at DePaul University.


In college D-Nick would often use his improve skills to show off in freestyle rhyme ciphers and upon doing that he ran into a group of individuals that would soon become his family of Microphone Misfitz. They were Ray of Light, Pete Proper & Young D.R.U. It was these three party rockers that Hyped D-Nick into entering the Source Unsigned Battle where he made it to the final three after battling through 20 rappers The Fifth Misfit that made things come full circle was D-Nick’s long time theater partner and friend Mel L. who talked the crew into becoming a dominant force in hip-hop.


After Pete left the group pursue a career in banking, his shoes were filled by long time friend and pioneer Chicago Hip-Hop, funk, Soul & Disco DJ, DJ Mar. D-Nick has gone on to perform and open up for such acts as Afrika Bambataa, One Be Lo, Brother Ali, Mos Def, Big Daddy Kane, Dead Prez, Rhymfest and many more! D-Nick has toured Algeria with the U.S. State department doing what was called HIP-HOP diplomacy. Remaining a Microphone Misfit  through it all. D-Nick has released 2 independent solo albums Brace Yourself for the Impact & and highly acclaimed Graphic Novel which features the healthy eating anthem Abnormality. In April D-Nick set to release the long awaited Escape from Babylon album due in April 2012 that will come inside a comic book of the same  titled written by D-Nick himself.


D-Nick is also a youth activist that does Hip-Hop lectures workshops and concerts throughout Chicago and Michigan working with organizations like Columbia College Community Arts Partnership,  Free Street theater, Chicago Community Trust, Hip-Hop Congress, and The Microphone Misfitz Crew.