Flint M.C. ‘D-Nick’ Burning up the Chicago Underground Scene
D-Nick "The Microphone Misfit"  Born Dominique Stockman, D-Nickel (as he is sometimes called) grew up in Flint Michigan. As a youth D-Nick received his first performing experiences as an improvisation actor learning vocal and speech techniques, theatrical movement styles, and how to proper…
Snow Shovel Theft Does Not Pay [Video]
I think it was 2pac who said, "Revenge is the sweetest joy next to gettin' cupcakes".  (close enough)  That's what makes the video below so great.  We get to watch a man exact his revenge on a cold blooded criminal from the warmth of our own computer monito…
Yung Berg Says Kanye Stole “Jesus Walks”!!!
Yung Berg... What can I say? He's had a real rough time in the music industry. Just when it seems he may blow up... Something dumb happens. He get's beat up.. He has a stupid beef with Ne-Yo, Gets slapped by Maino.  (continued)