If you've been thinking, "I don't remember a winter storm this bad," your hunch was right. The National Weather Service says Flint hasn't seen this much snow since 1975, but where does it rank in our recorded history?

According to the National Weather Service, 16.2 inches of snow fell on Flint during the recent winter blast -- that's the third highest amount in our recorded history. The only time we've seen more snow (and I use "we" pretty loosely, as many reading this were likely not born yet) was April 2-3, 1975 (17.3 inches) and January 26, 1967 (22.7 inches).

Most schools and businesses are closed, but the Genesee County Road Commission have 41 trucks currently working to clear the main roads before heading to subdivisions. A report from Genesee County Scanners led many (us included) to believe that only the expressways would see attention today. Thankfully, that is not the case.

We're not out of the woods yet though, reports indicate we will soon see record low temps after windchill is factored in. Stay safe and stay warm.