If you haven't heard of the Hidden Cash Craze, you need to get your mind on this money.  In several major cities in America, a small group of people have hid cash in envelopes for persistent residents to find.  I think Flint should join in. 

Hidden Cash twitter account gives out clues to where the money can be found in the major cities.  Followers of the account hit the streets and try to find the envelopes full on $50 to $100.

Jason Buzi, a California real estate investor, is one of the members of Hidden Cash.  Buzi publicly spoke about the reason behind giving away cash.

"Mostly it's a way for people to get together and have a good time."

"Sometimes you see people who, even $100 or $200 dollars makes a difference in their lives."

I am down for doing something similar in Flint.  Our neighbors need some fun and financial help.  Flint, should the Hidden Cash craze come to the 'Vehicle City?'