In New York and San Francisco recently, someone hid envelopes containing cash all over the city and Tweeted clues as to where residents could find it. After that, it was basically "finders, keepers." An anonymous Flint resident was so taken with the free cash scavenger hunt that they will be doing the same thing in Flint Friday morning (June 27th).

According to several local media outlets and the official Twitter feed (@FlintHiddenCash) of the no strings attached cash grab, an undisclosed amount of money will be hidden in an envelope at a Flint Community School tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: The cash was found at Dort Elementary:

The mystery man behind the Flint edition of the Hidden Cash Craze told MLive (via phone interview from a blocked number) that this may be the beginning of a bigger campaign. "We're going to start with just one spot," he said. "We really just want to check the temperature to see if the community bites on it." His reason for beginning the craze in Flint is simple -- he just wants "something else for people to positively talk about in town."

We've placed a feed of the Twitter account below for you to follow, which will give real time updates from their feed. Once the cash is hidden tomorrow morning, new clues will be posted every hour until the cash is found. We've also placed a link to a complete list of Flint Community Schools below, but who knows how stiff of a definition they're using by saying "Flint Community School."