The Flint United are excited to bring a Flintstone home to help get their first season in Flint started right.

The announcement came Monday that Bell would be coaching the Flint United, and it makes perfect sense. Kevin Mays is the United owner, and has always wanted to make sure that the team is deeply rooted in Flint. Despite not having a set start date for the 2021 season, everyone is excited about Bell being named coach.

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Owner Keven Mays talked about how important it was to him and the team to announce Bell as the new head coach in a press release.

This is Flint basketball. Charlie is on the Mount Rushmore of basketball in our city and having the opportunity for him to lead our team was a no brainer.

Don't think for a moment though that this is just a figure head hire. Yes, Bell is one of the original Flintstone's, and yes his name carries a lot of weight around here, but he's put in the work.

Nowadays, Charlie Bell is known as Coach Bell. He has been working as an assistant coach in the G-League since 2016. He's been on the bench in Texas and Iowa, learning and teaching the game for the last four years. He's definitely paid his dues, and is ready for his first chance to be the head coach. I think we can all agree that Flint is the perfect place for Charlie to get his first head coaching job.

Congrats Charlie, we'll be pulling for you all year.


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