Flint is a city full of pride, especially for anyone who makes it big.  We've seen athletes, entertainers, politicians, and many more obtain national recognition from our beloved city of Flint, Michigan.  What if we could adopt some people to keep our pride going?

Hypothetically speaking, which celebrity would you adopt as our very own?  Today, I put up against each other, Dennis Rodman versus Chris Brown.

Both of the celebrities know how to make news headlines and leave everyone scratching their heads.  Rodman's athletic talents grabbed our attention as a Detroit Pistons player winning two championships and more for other teams later in his career.  After helping the Bad Boys make noise in the NBA, Rodman started acting strangely.  Remember he married himself?

Chris Breezy exploded on the musical scene in the mid 2000s which hits songs.  Things has went south for him since his highly publicized domestic attack on entertainer Rihanna. Since incident with RiRi, Chris hasn't been able to shake the bad boy image.

I'm sure people dislike both Dennis and Chris but you have to pick one to hypothetically represent our city, Flint.  Who would you pick?

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