Call Dennis Rodman whatever you want, but make sure you include Hall Of Fame in front of it.  For example, some would call him a cross-dressing freak show, but now you have to call him a Hall Of Fame cross dressing freak show.

The Worm will go down as the leagues best rebounder and one of the best defenders in NBA history.  His resume includes 5 NBA Championships, and a record 7 straight rebounding titles.  Rodman will always have a special place in Piston's fans hearts for being a part of the Bad Boys championship teams.

Dennis Rodman Jersey

In an emotional induction speech he  saved his deepest appreciation for coaches Phil Jackson, Chuck Daly and James Rich, whose family took Rodman in after his mother threw him out of the house.

Check out the full speech, and a highlight of what made Dennis Rodman stand out so much in the NBA.  Yes is a freak show, but he will still go down as one of my all time favorite Pistons.

Are you having trouble remembering why Rodman is considered one of the NBA's all time greats?  Watch the highlight reel and it will come back to you pretty quickly.


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