Place another win for Andre Dirrell in 2014 after he TKO'd his opponent on ESPN2 in the fourth round. Winning his second fight in eight weeks proves that he is serious about this comeback tour.

Last night, October 8th, Dirrell fought in Mississippi against Nick Brinson and put his hands on him. Dirrell countered Brinson with right that landed on his chin. The referee stepped in the stop the fight after the vicious blow.

According to MLive, Dirrell told ESPN2 after the fight,

"I saw the shot, it opened up and that's the one that landed for me but I've been working on my defense, my offense and my jab a lot," Dirrell explained in the post-fight interview on ESPN2. "I just want to focus on being sharp because these are the fights that are going to line me up for that big fight so I'm looking for the big fights still. I know its coming. I'm just going to keep working towards my goal and get sharper as we go."

Andre has even made it clear he's ready to fight again before the year is out. The Flint boxer wants to get back to the ring in December. That will be be three fights in 5 months. Talk about ambition.

"It's been a downward spiral for me for a long time," Dirrell claimed. "So to be up on this pedestal right now and to be back in the ring and so active, for the second time in eight weeks and I'm looking for a fight in December, I feel nothing but blessed."

Again, we're proud to see our Flint boxers making strides in greatness. Instead of news about homicides and horrible politics, we have something worth our time.