Flint's Antonio Brown, 11 year old author, talks about the inspiring experience of writing his first book 'The Michigan Adventure.'  I know many of you may not know Antonio Brown but you will very soon.  Antonio is a highly motivated sixth grader who is living out his dream and motivating the people around him.

Antonio has wrote his own book 'The Michigan Adventure' along with editing and picking out the artwork.  At 11 years old, Antonio took an hands on approach to fulfilling his dream of being a author.  Along with his mom & dad and Brandon Publishing staff, Antonio talked with LV.

Kellen Brandon, owner of Brandon Publishing spoke on starting the process of working with Antonio and the initiative Antonio used.

For me, he's been an inspiration. Through everything we've done, he [Antonio] came up with the program, Young Authors program.

Young Authors program is set up to give young girls and boys the opportunity to become authors.  Brandon Publishing curates their desires to publish a book from start to finish. Next Kellen laid out the following steps he and Antonio went through to publish the book.

From there we went through a whole process of putting the book together.  He had an idea of what he wanted the story to be.  We went through the marketing, editing, and he interviewed illustrators to see which pictures he wanted to use. ...He was very on point on that as well.

When asked what the book is about, Antonio replied,

The book is about three kids that go on a journey to Michigan Adventures, the most exciting theme park in the world. On this adventure, they each have a fear of losing their best friend and their tempers; which stands in the way of them going to Central Michigan.


Antonio spoke on how his achievement hasn't changed him or his family but he has notice a change in people around him.

It doesn't change anything [at home] but it changes people. It inspires people to do something that they think they can't do.

Listen to the full interview with Antonio Brown and LV.

As you can see Antonio Brown of Flint is making major moves already.  The young author from Doyle Ryder Elementary School has already impacted the lives of people around him.  In addition to positively impacting lives, Antonio is inspiring his hometown.

Make sure you attend the book release of 'The Michigan Adventure' written by Antonio Brown and published by Flint's own Brandon Publishing.  The book release is at Doyle Ryder Elementary School at 5:30pm until 7:00pm. 

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