'Berzerk' is one of our 810 Local Flow winners who is continuing to churn out great music in the 810.  'I'm So Amazing 1.5' is the latest project from 'Berzerk' and it definitely shows that he is ready for the next level.

When Berzerk and Tyler Guest first showed up in the Club 93.7 studios the talent was obvious, but they have taken the networking opportunity and ran with it.  Berzerk has worked with Jon Connor, LanDo Skyy and features tracks with Kid Coogie and G Beanz on this current mixtape.

One of my favorite scenes from 2012 actually is directly tied to Berzerk, and how he acted at this Summer's 810 Local Show.  Berzerk was one of the only artists to collaborate with another Local Flow winner, and took the time to come talk to each artist after their performance.  Seeing his excitement for the music that his fellow artists were putting through the speakers was inspirational to say the least.

Check out his latest work, I'm So Amazing 1.5.