Flint's Best Buy will host a launch party for Madden 2013 game with NFL Players.  We all know that Madden 2013 will be another successful video game and draw in a lot of people.  Flint's Best Buy decided to bring in some NFL Players to help celebrate. 

I use to play Madden video games all the time but since I became a busy adult, I don't have as much time.  But since Flint's Best Buy will host a launch party, I may have to become a kid again.

As a kid I would always by Madden the day it came out to keep my competitive edge.  Lately it has taken me month to purchase the game.  This year will bring me back to the release date.  I want to come and kick it with some NFL players and grab my copy of Madden at the same time.

Join me August 27th at Flint's Best Buy on Miller Road.  I betcha I beat anybody on the PS3 platform with my Baltimore Ravens.  Try me!