Brandon Carr was at risk of not being in the NFL this season, but the Cowboys picked up the Carman-Ainsworth standout this weekend.

This will be the second stint in Dallas for Carr who spent five seasons with the Cowboys. Carr has been the picture of consistency in the NFL with 192 consecutive starts and games played. That's the second longest games played streak among active players.

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During his time in Dallas, the Cowboys put together a cool video series called Finish This Fight. Brandon Carr was featured on the series, and it is a perfect peak into what motivates him on and off the field.

The bad news is that Carr is signed to the Cowboys practice squad right now under a new rule that allows teams to expand their practice squad roster due to COVID-19. This means that he most likely won't be able to continue his consecutive games played streak, unless something crazy happens between now and Sunday.

Even without the streak, we should all salute Carr and the journey he's made from Flint to the NFL's elite. He has always been a standout on the football field, but is an even bigger man off the field. He still comes back to Flint every year to host a football camp for kids, and community giveaway.

Brandon Carr is just another example of the type of people that our community produces. When you face adversity as a community, you never face it alone.


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