Flint's Claressa Shields will have her story told through 'T-Rex,' a documentary at SXSW in March. The Olympic gold medalist made news being the first woman to be crowned the best female boxer in the world. However, many people may not know much about her. 

According to MLive, 'T-Rex' was put together by Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari. The work for the documentary started in 2012 and through Kickstarter, they were able to receive over $60k to fund the film.

South by South West Festival brings large crowds to Austin, Texas for music and film. Festival attendees will be able to see the 86 minute long documentary about our beloved Shields.

"I feel really good by the fact that we're getting it into these bigger festivals because it makes you confident that your film is good," Canepari said. "We don't know if it's all-time great yet, but we know people like it so that alone is a good feeling. We're getting positive feedback."

I try to share good news about Shields and other young people in our community bringing a bright light to our area. Shields is one of the most humble young adults I know. She has not allowed much of her success to change her. I will always encourage Flint to support her endeavors. Make sure you watch the trailer above.


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