Flint's David McGhee delivers inspiring 'The 16th Letter' speech at TEDx Detroit 2012.  McGhee speaks on having a dream and making it become a reality with the 16th letter of the alphabet.  McGhee opens his speech up with a funny story of him cheating on a test and getting caught.  The speech is insightful and entertaining, check it out below.

McGhee encouraged the audience to discover, develop, and deliver their dream.  Regardless of the obstacles place before you, McGhee explicitly encourages you to make your dream happen.  Making fun of a embarrassing time in his life, McGhee said he wanted to become the kid everyone wanted to cheat off of in school.

In the TEDx Detroit 2012 speech, McGhee breaks down the usage of the 16th letter in the alphabet, 'P.'  McGhee says person, people, and potential will make your dream become a reality.  The 'person' that you are will help you identify your passion like Muhammad Ali did at 12 years old.  The 'people' you collect will help you see further down the road. Lastly, McGhee says potential turns into purpose when you act upon your potential.

I don't want to tell you the entire speech given by Flint's own David McGhee but you can watch it below.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

If you never heard of Flint's David McGhee, meet him now.