Flint's Dawana Wright of Remix Genesee stopped by the #2TO6FIX to talk about her work impacting the Greater Flint Area.  Times are hard for everyone but there are people in the community fighting for the less fortunate.  Dawana from Remix Genesee is one of them.

During our conversation we found out that Dawana serves a foster parent and was recently award the Priority Children, Children's Champion, Roy E. Peterson Caring Adult Award. The award showcase the most caring parent for deserving children.  In addition to being a great parent, Dawana serves the community with Remix Genesee.

Ms. Wright shared with me a young woman she is working with to help receive the baby supplies for a girl.  The new born baby will be here soon but the young mother to be needs some assistance.  Since the on-air interview, many listeners have pledged to help the young mother out.

We're all about helping the less fortunate in our community.  Everyone needs help but we can only do so much.  If you can, please lend a helping to Remix Genesee's Dawana Wright.