I was stumbling around on Facebook and came across some amazing video footage. Flint's J. Freeze is a four year old who shined on 'So You Think You Can Dance.'  You have never seen a four year old dance like this, you must watch him now.

J. Freeze real name is Anthony Naylor Jr. and was born in Flint, Michigan but now resides in Texas.  J. Freeze's mother, Kayla Naylor, was a dancer from Flint's Creative Expression Dance studio and seems to have passed on the talent to her son.

The four year old dancing machine models his moves after Cyrus Spencer from 'So You Think You Can Dance' which is more of a robotic style of dancing made famous by Michael Jackson. Kayla finds her son's freestyle dancing difficult to teach or even perform according to MLive,

"I dance, but I don't dance like him," she said. "For a trained dancer, you're so used to doing what you're taught, so freestyling is so difficult. ... Freestyling is all he does, because he's never been trained.

J. Freeze wasn't able to move on in the auditions because he's only four years old but he secured a trip to Disneyland.  J. Freeze made a cameo appearance in the promotional video to premiere the new season.  I foresee this young man getting endorsements and support to develop his craft.  Check out some video below.

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