Seeing it is indeed believing it.

Did you know there is a Christmas tree floating in a boat right this very second on Glen Lake in Northern Michigan? I did not until now. Apparently, this has been a tradition for one Northern Michigan family for the last eight years.

Glen Arbor resident Frank Siepker Jr., his wife Tracy Siepker, and their kids Frank and Ashley take part in the fun. Frank Jr. he and Tracy started the floating Christmas tree tradition as a way to celebrate the holiday and share it with the community. Mission accomplished - according to MLive, people come from all around to see the floating tree. If you cannot make the drive to Glen Arbor, you can see the tree in the video below.

For someone who does not put up a tree or any holiday decorations, I have to say this is truly one of the most unique Christmas displays I have ever seen. According to Frank Jr., the Tree is roughly 12 feet and it stands inside of a 1985 14-foot fishing boat. All in all, there are over 1000 LED lights used to decorate the tree and the boat.

I live on a lake and have never heard of or seen anything like this (usually I am the only thing that is lit). I may have to start my own tradition next year. There is no way in hell I could get it together this year. Until then, enjoy the floating Big Glen Lake Christmas tree in the video below. Shout out to the Siepker family for doing this every year.

If you know of any additional unique Michigan holiday traditions like this, please be sure to pass them along.

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