Floyd Mayweather took on Rizin superstar Tenshin Nasukawa and the fight wasn't even kinda close.

Now, I'll say from jump I'm still on the fence about this. From the tape it looks like this was a bit over the top with some of the reactions when Tenshin got hit those few times. But take in mind, none of us got hit with those punches so we don't know.

Granted I had this kid losing no matter what happen. The moment they both agreed that no kicks would be thrown it was a death sentence for Tenshin. OK, but what sense would it make for this Japanese company to completely embarrass their only mega star?  Well, it doesn't. This fight absolutely damaged the reputation of this kid Tenshin, who is indeed a undefeated kickboxer. So to say that the 20 year kickboxer threw the fight is just a bit silly.

After watching the fight a few times though, I can see why people would question it. Boxing is very corrupt..

Now this is what Ex-UFC fighter/Commentator Chael Sonnen had to say..

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