Floyd Mayweather comes out of retriement (again) to take on 27-0 Kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in Rizin. What is going on!?

First things first, the rules of engagement is still unclear. We don't know if the rules be set in boxing or MMA. Tenshin is coming into this fight with a 27-0 record in kickboxing and 4-0 record in MMA. But even if the kid didn't have any MMA experience he's already way too dangerous of fighter to face in MMA rules.

I'd imagine the rules would have to restrict head kicks or something. But even if they only allowed leg kick Floyd would get destroyed in the first round. Mayweather is not a knockout artist, he's a surgeon. I don't see him landing a big shot and putting this kid to sleep. But forget all of that, it still falls back to what in the world will the rules of engagement be? I hope the management team works out something so Floyd doesn't have to take any kicks. If so, then you'll see the most dominate boxer of all time get absolutely destroyed...

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