As if there isn't enough disagreement on whether or not humans should have food stamps.

An online petition has turned a lot of heads the last few days and has sparked a debate surrounding one of the most 2018-y questions of all-time -- should my dog get food stamps?

Okay, so I oversimplified the issue a bit for dramatic effect. No one is talking about issuing a Bridge Card with Lassie's name on it. The petition, which had over 100k supporters at the time of this article, is, however, urging the USDA to allow those who receive SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits the flexibility to purchase pet food.

Some are supportive of the plan, saying things like, "I'd rather them allow pet food than junk food," while others fall into the "if you can't afford food you shouldn't have a pet" camp.

The issue was already complicated enough before adding pets to the conversation. In recent years, a number of states -- Michigan included -- have added drug testing and work requirements for food benefit recipients that some see as mean-spirited while others praise them as necessary measures to eliminate fraud.

Whether or not the petition will move the needle on this issue is uncertain, but we can all agree on the fact that we're never all going to agree on this issue, whether it be for pets or humans.

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