Cadillac decided that the best way to introduce their new electric car would be to brag about how awesome America is, but they forgot that most Americans aren't millionaires.

The tone of the commercial is supposed to be cocky, that's the angle they are going for.

The problems is that as the man leaves his pristine pool and strolls through his million dollar home, we start to realize that he doeskin have much in common with us.  Then he puts on a designer suit, and spouts out something about how Americans only take two weeks off in August.


Sorry for going all caps on you there, but it's frustrating . . . just see for yourself.

Ford decided to take advantage of Cadillac's misstep by using something I like to call, "Real Life."

Ford tapped Pasho Murray, the founder of Detroit Dirt.  A company that turns waste into compost and gives it to people who would like to start urban gardens.  A real life hard working entrepreneur, who lives and works in Detroit.

I think the winner is pretty clear.