Former Cash Money rapper BG was sentenced to 14 years in prison for gun charges and witness tampering.  Now I have never been a fan of BG but I know a couple folks who enjoyed him.  Remember BG was apart of the Hot Boys group on Cash Money with Lil Wayne?

Well it seem like BG lived up to his name 'Baby Gangster.'  The rapper has been arrested several times in his career and had not learned his lesson.  Now I am not here to bash the homie but more so to report what happen.  I can see all three BG fans in Flint saying I'm hating.

It is really sad that people get the opportunity of a life time and throw it away.  BG was a known rapper with the opportunity to make a good living.  Hold ya head up homie.

The 31-year-old -- real name Christopher Dorsey -- appeared in federal court in New Orleans today ... after previously pleading guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm during a 2009 traffic stop in eastern New Orleans.

According to, officials say B.G. later obstructed justice by pushing one of his associates to falsely claim ownership of the firearm.

B.G. already had 3 felony drug convictions on his record.

No word on when the rapper will begin his sentence.

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