About half of Americans with cell phones are using them while they watch TV.

So maybe that long dramatic pause on the phone wasn't the other person thinking about what you said . . . they might have just not been paying attention.

According to a report (from the Pew Internet & American Life Project), cell phone users not only look up information online in real time and keep themselves occupied during commercials via their handheld devices, they are also interacting with friends.

About 23% send text messages to others watching the same show in a different location.

Other activities include looking up information mentioned on TV (20% have done so in the last 30 days), posting comments online about a show (11%), playing on phones during commercials (38%) and voting for a reality show contestant (6%).


The real survey question for me is how long people actually spend holding their phone.  Think about it, if you have it with you everywhere you go, and while you relax watching TV, when is it ever not on you?