Most people in Flint and Saginaw know him as K Dubb, but last night America was introduced to Kelvin Washington during the season premiere of "Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge".

K Dubb became one of the most popular personalities at Club 93.7 before moving to California with his family in 2011.  During his time in Flint, he showed everyone that he had everything necessary to become a star.  The thing that made Dubb so different though, is that he is the nicest, most genuine person I've ever met.

There was no ego, just a true desire to make himself, and everyone around him, better.

Since leaving Michigan, K Dubb has worked for Disney, ESPN, and you've probably heard his voice on many commercials over the last few years.

Now he is getting some time in the prime time spotlight, co-hosting the Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge with Apolo Ohno. Apolo is obviously the front man due to his Olympic Gold medals and whatnot, but K Dubb is getting a lot of great face time.

Watch the teaser for the season 2 teaser below.

The full episode aired Monday night, and the show will continue to run on NBC throughout the summer.

In true K Dubb fashion, after the show aired on NBC Monday night, he took time out to thank everyone around him.

I've said this a million times when talking about Dubb, but it's worth saying again.  I've never met a better human being.  He's the type of person that will be successful at anything he decides to do.  I can't begin to say how proud I am to see him succeed, and lucky to call him a friend.

Congrats Dubb! I know this is just the start of a long, and successful TV/sports career.

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