K Dubb

K Dubb Hosts Spartan Challenge
Most people in Flint and Saginaw know him as K Dubb, but last night America was introduced to Kelvin Washington during the season premiere of "Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge".
Say Goodbye To K Dubb – Ian’s Pic Of The Night!
As much as I don't wanna see K Dubb go, it's nice to see someone you have grown with in the industry move on to bigger and better things! Dubb is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and I'm happy I had the chance to share the last 5 years with him. Leave a comment below saying goodbye to a g…
K Dubb Swings By A Local McDonalds [Video]
It's VIP at Mickey D's time and I hung out today at McDonald's on Ballenger HWY, hooking the first 20 people up with free value meals. They were so excited about this that they beat us there. They were in their cars and waiting outside as we pulled up. Free Food works!
K Dubb and Ian Freestyle [Audio]
Sometimes it goes down in the studio. When Ian comes in the studio you never know what's gonna happen. Well we were listening to instrumentals, specifically "Tupac Back" (which is the hardest track out right now) , and Ian kept "Practice" freestyling. So we d…
K Dubb Breaks Down “Corny Love” [Video]
It was one of those days where I was in my story-telling mode and my interns wanted to hear me tell old stories about an old co-worker of mine. He was a young married guy who didn't seem comfortable with his wife yet. He was always acting super corny and over the top when she'd call or com…
Behind The Scenes With Big Sean [Video]
Big Sean stopped by the studio a couple weeks ago and did an interview. He also kicked it with a lot of listeners who were excited to see him.  See how cool he was and what went on before he interviewed with Ian.

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