If you're unfamiliar with twerking, you're not alone.  Several Americans are unaware of the urban dance but a large number of people know Miley Cyrus.  The former Disney star has revealed she's obsessed with the dance and has been practicing for several years now.  This is all true, seriously.

The former Hannah Montana star spoke with American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest recently and revealed she into twerking.  Twerking by definition is an urban dance that focus primarily on being able to shake your buttocks in several motions to a particular song, quickly. Cyrus told Seacrest she became aware of dance craze while in New Orleans when she shot a film there two years ago.

Since her time in the 'Big Easy,' Cyrus has practiced at home until uploading a video to YouTube.  Her video on the video sharing network has gone viral with over one million views.  Incredible, right?  According to NB, Cyrus is happy of the great response she's receive from YouTube subscribers.

I’m getting so many people writing to me about it. It’s kind of weird that I’ve twerked for 6 million people. I haven’t seen one bad comment about my twerk video.

After you check out Miley twerk video below, do you think this will now become the next viral dance craze like the Harlem Shake?  If you think Miley did a good job, share this with you friends and see what they think, could be interesting.