Former NBA Player Kenyon Martin thinks Basketball Wives reality show is "...toxic to your soul."  Martin was asked about the reality show after leaving a Hollywood night club last night and told TMZ how he really feels.

Martin, who is a former resident of Saginaw, Michigan, spent over 10 years in the NBA before stepping away from the game.  Martin career was full of great highlights but never a championship ring.  I don't think he cares about not winning a championship as much as he does his displeasure about Basketball Wives.

According to TMZ, when asked about the reality show, Martin responded by saying,

"I don't watch that s--- man ... that s--- is toxic to your soul to watch that s--- man."
He continued, "I've been married man ... that [show] doesn't depict anything that went on in my household ... f--- that show."

I am not a fan of sitting down watching reality shows and Basketball Wives is the main reason.  I don't think there is anything positive about the show or any substance that contributes to society in a good way.  The attraction to the show is being able to watch minority women act like fools.

The show has probably increase ratchet activity across the world.  I agree with Kenyon Martin about Basketball Wives.  What are your thoughts?