This story will make you laugh when you find out that Michael Jordan's alleged baby mother losses her battle with the NBA legend in court.  The attention seeker lost her battle in court of alleging MJ fathered her son.  Now she has to pay Air Jordan for his time. 

Pamela Smith demanded that Jordan take a DNA test for paternity, full custody of her son, and child support.  Immediately, Jordan called the claims false and refused to buy into her drama.

On July 19th, the judge threw the case out of court when Pamela failed to mention that paternity had already been established in 2003.  Ten years ago the paternity test came back that MJ was not the father and he has since moved on.

The judge smelled something bad when he found out she hired a publicist before she hired a lawyer in the matter.  The careful judge called Pamela's action a publicity stunt.  In judgement of MJ, Pamela has to pay him a little over nine grand for lawyer fees.

Personally, I think Pamela was hoping to land a role on Basketball Wives with her stunt.  Unfortunately for Pam, the show doesn't need any more garbage to help with ratings.  I really hope parents are teaching their daughters to chill on filing false allegations. This has to stop.

Should Pamela be ordered to pay MJ more money or a public apology?  Leave your thoughts below in the comment section.

via TMZ