It seemed like the beef between Freddie Gibbs and Jeezy was long gone, but in a recent appearance on Viceland's Desus and Mero, Gibbs asks the two eponymous show hosts why they've skipped over the question about his beef with his former boss before going on to say his issue with Jeezy doesn't really exist because he doesn't respect him as a man.

“Ain’t no beef, man,” Gibbs says in the video below. “It’s gotta be beef when there’s two real muthafuckas in the equation. When there’s one muthafucka, it’s just like pshh. Pussy ass nigga. I’ll whoop yo ass, nigga. Fuck with me. Fuck Jeezy. Bitch ass nigga.”

This is just the latest entry into a beef that's seen Jeezy claim Gibbs ruined his relationship with Eminem and Gibbs fire off a few diss songs. Gibbs appears to be joking at least a little bit during his appearance on Desus and Mero, but in the rap game shots fired are usually shots fired

A while back, Gibbs touched on whether or not he spoke to Gucci Mane—a fellow Jeezy adversary—about his beef with the Snowman. He said no, and claimed his beef with the CTE boss had gone too far in the first place.

“Nah, not really,” Freddie Gibbs said in a late in a 2015 interview with HipHopDX. “Not really. I don’t really involve other people in my situations like that. I just keep it one-hundred. I just—I needed to grow. And I just felt that I wasn’t getting the respect that I needed in that situation. So, I just did it on my own. That’s all. It wasn’t—I think that it got a little blown out of proportion. On my part and his part. We were both angry at the time. He said some stuff in some interviews. I definitely fired back. And I said stuff on records. I probably shouldn’t have took it to that level.”

Watch Gibbs kick it with Desus and Mero below. The bit about Jeezy begins at the 11:55 mark.

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