The Artist formally known as Krispy Kreme's Story continues with the latest installment.

For those of you lost let me fill you in with all you will need to know for this video to make way more since. Last year a rapper by the name of Krispy Kreme went viral with songs like 'The Fight' and 'The Baddest'. He even made a T.V appearance on comedy central's Tosh.0. That was said to be the reason he was soon threatened with a lawsuit from the popular doughnut food chain. So then Froggy Fresh was born new name but still the same old style.

The last time we heard a song was when he dropped 'Mikes Mom' a song about his life long friend Money Maker Mike dealing with the murder of his mom. The local bully James is said to be the one who did it so Mike goes after him. But James ends up shooting Mike and he is fighting for his life. Now enjoy as Froggy Fresh continues on with the story.