Wait, did you think that with Frozen II nearing the end of its theatrical run your kids might finally stop singing “Into the Unknown”? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha no. That is definitely not happening any time soon.

(I laugh because the 14,314th rendition of “Into the Unknown” by my children this month broke my tenuous grip on sanity. I finally let it go!)

Yes, your children’s love of Elsa and Anna’s latest exploits will undoubtedly get a significant boost with the announcement of a new sing-along version of the film. The press release reveals this Frozen II will appear in “select theatres nationwide on Jan. 17 for a limited time.” Please, Disney. For the sake of parents everywhere, make it very limited.

If my own children are any indication, kids need zero encouragement to sing along with the soundtrack of Frozen II, the quite successful follow-up to the era-defining Disney animated hit. Still, this might present a good opportunity to teach your little ones about the concept of compartmentalization — i.e. “I’ll take you to see Frozen 2 again and you can sing-along in the theater this time, but that’s the only time today we can sing ‘Into the Unknown.’”

Honestly, I don’t believe this for a single second, but I’m trying to find some kind of silver lining here. In reality I am going to do everything in my power to ensure my daughters don’t learn about the Frozen II sing-along cut. My health of my ear drums and my very soul counts on them remaining blissfully ignorant of its existence. Wish me luck.

Here’s a sample of the sonic delights in store in the sing-along Frozen II:

Stay strong, parents. Even with this new sing-along version, Frozen II can’t last in theaters too much longer. Eventually, it will go away. Eventually, they will stop singing. At least that’s what I tell myself to get me through each day.

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