If you're sleeping under a rock and haven't found out the cops are using Facebook, you need to wake up now.  One troubled teenager found out the hard way after taunting cops on Facebook.  The UK teen thought he was living a movie but reality struck him, quickly.

Sam Greenwood, 19 years old, was a fugitive from the law after bailing on his probation from other charges.  The UK police posted his mugshot asking the public to help apprehend him.  In the comment section Greenwood taunted the police by saying, "Catch me if you can." Bad move.

Greenwood's friends chimed in on the Facebook posting in support of their friend.  The love for Greenwood did not stop the police for searching for him.  Greenwood was later arrested after being spotted by a squad car while Greenwood was walking down the street.

The UK Inspector who manages the police Facebook page posted,

"Caught you. Do not pass Go, do not collect £200, go straight to jail."

Some of the fans of the police page was fine with the humorous comment and felt it was cool to see the police have a sense of humor.  However, one person felt the monopoly drive comment was unprofessional.  The Inspector soon removed the comment.

Should Greenwood get crowned the idiot of the day?  Leave your thoughts below in the comment section.

via NBCnews