After posting a photo of DJ Red Alert with YouTube Music head Lyor Cohen on Instagram yesterday (Dec. 18), Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex faced some backlash from fans. Hours later, he jumped back onto Instagram and his show on Hot 97 and called out Dame Dash, who previously called Flex's friend Cohen a culture vulture.

"That 'culture vulture' word, I'm not letting that fly with me anymore," Flex said. "Don't apply pressure to me on the 'gram for a friend that I post. I'm going to tell you about Lyor Cohen. He road managed for Run DMC. It's over, no one is touching that," Flex continued.

For the next part of his Dame Dash critique, Flex spoke on what he calls the former Roc-A-Fella boss' "culture vulture" philosophy. For the record, Dame has frequently called people culture vultures in the past, and one of them was Cohen, whom Flex says provided Dame a lot.

"They cut you millions bro," Flex explained. "They gave you a million-dollar budget for all the marketing. Def Jam Records made you bro. They changed your life. We're gonna stop this 'culture vulture' talk. That's the word you talk about your own failures. Dame Dash, I respect you for the utmost way. He helped me get out of a dark place. But bro, you are a liar. You lie because Jay-Z and Lyor aren't on the gram to call you out on it."

Catching wind of Flex's opinion, Dash offered for them to speak on their differences in person rather than on social media.

"Holla at me when you get a chance," Dash wrote. "[I] prefer in person so we can speak like men but I doubt you'll do that. Publicly live would be nice. Don't make any excuses for not talking to me either be a man #chattypatty and turn your comments back on #doitfortheculture," Dash wrote as the caption for his Instagram post.

Four months ago, Dash called Cohen a culture vulture and liar after stating he was unfamiliar with Dash while on The Breakfast Club. "Who's Dame Dash? You brought him up. I don't even know him. You bring his name up, I don't even know him. I don't know him. I really don't. I don't know what to tell you," Cohen said while on The Breakfast Club.

Check out the Instagram posts of both Funk Flex and Dame Dash below. Listen to what Flex has to say to Dame beneath that.

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