Fans have been yearning for a Fugees reunion ever since they broke up in 2005. On Saturday night (July 15), Hot 97 personality Funkmaster Flex had fans excited when he premiered a “new track” from the disbanded rap trio -- or so he thought.

The unreleased track above features Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean and Pras delivering tough bars over a rollicking beat. L-Boogie sounds lyrical sharp on the song.

"This is some dead right s--- / Sometimes we fight s--- / Some make up and write s---, spark and ignite s---,” she spits, possibly referring to their public break up.

Although Funkmaster Flex is screaming "new Fugees" all over the song, unfortunately, this is not a new track from the Refugee Camp. Ms. Hill went on her Twitter page to deliver the bad news.

"The 'new' Fugees song is indeed an old track played around with back in the day in the lab," she tweeted. "Not sure who leaked it, but I have my suspicions."

Oh well. Fans can still dream for a Fugees reunion one day. In the meantime, enjoy the unearthed song for what it's worth.

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