Although it's been twenty years since they released an album as a full unit, the Fugees are still very much relevant to any true fan of hip-hop. A reunion may not be in the works, but legendary British hip-hop jock Tim Westwood has liberated an unreleased freestyle from the trio as part of his Throwback Thursday series in which he digs in the crates for vintage video and audio for a trip down memory lane. Westwood claims that this is the first time that the freestyle has been unearthed and while that may be true, the tale of the tape shows that a few of these rhymes have been floating around for years in different variations.

One example is the intro melody courtesy of Lauryn Hill, which can also be heard on the group’s “Blame It on the Sun” B-side, as well as the rehashed bars from her collab with Method Man “Lost in the Masquerade" which will also sound familiar to more than a few rap junkies. Bars from the standout track “The Beast” off The Score, which was released the following year, also gets pillaged during the freestyle as well, indicating that these bars were written in between the group's debut and sophomore albums and were deemed dope enough to be released for mass consumption.

L-Boogie isn't the only one who spits rhymes that may sound reminiscent, as Wyclef Jean and Pras both drop lines from previously-released recordings like "John 3:16," Clef's collaboration with DJ Muggs, and Pras' verse from The Score cut "Manifest." But regardless of whether a few of the rhymes may have entered your ear-holes before, what can't be denied is the overall quality of verbiage displayed by the three MC's that will have you thinking "what if" in regard to their brief run at the top of the rap game.

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