Only four days into the new year and Future is already spicing things up. After teasing new music was afoot on Thursday (Jan. 3), the Atlanta rhymer takes the reins on 2019 by delivering the new single "Crushed Up" on Friday (Jan. 4).

For his new single, Hendrix gets a knocker of a beat from Wheezy, Matt Cap and Ricky Racks that has dreamy chords and rumbling bass. Future kicks off the year in full-on stunt mode. "Diamonds in the face crushed up, I can see it/Diamonds in the face crushed up, I can see it," he rhymes on the chorus.

Coming in at two minutes and 30 seconds, the track is short but hits heavy. Future provides more than enough drip. "Half a ticket for my wrist, spill so big/I put five pointers in the face, you can see it," he raps. "I just put my whole damn arm in the fridge/Ten chains on, Lucky Charms, I'm the shit/Ten, ten different exotic cars how we slid/Meet me in Chanel in the back, we goin' big."

Along with the audio, Future has already delivered the visual for the fresh track. Directed by Spike Jordan and Sebastian Sdaigui, the video takes place in a particularity chilly mansion occupied by the "WiFi Lit" rapper and some dancers.

The new single follows Future's recent track releases "Do It Like" featuring Young Thug and "NASA" featuring French Montana.

Future appears to be getting in album mode. Last month he commented on his upcoming LP saying it was some of his finest work to date.

"The album's so so crazy," he said. "I’m inspired, man. I’m so inspired. I got inspiration from everywhere. This is about to be my greatest album of all time right now, you know what I’m sayin? Well to date. It’s going to be one of my best albums... watch this."

Listen to Future's new banger "Crushed Up" below.

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Epic Records

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