Penning a tribute song for Prince isn't the only way The Game planned on commemorating the late singer. On April 21, the day the Purple one passed away, Game reportedly commissioned famed artist Madsteez to paint a larger than life Prince portrait and according to TMZ it's finally done.

The "Rest In Purple" rhymer found inspiration in Prince's iconic Purple Rain album and chose to have Madsteez recreate a vibrant interpretation of Prince straight from a scene out of the film. The acrylic and oil painting, which took Madsteez more than 100 hours to create, is 8 x 6 feet and priced at $65,000, a sum Game was more than happy to dish out. The one of a kind portrait sits pretty in his living room as a daily reminder of the great who "died so soon."

If you didn't know, Game is a passionate Prince fan. "Prince was such a huge inspiration to my life from a child watching Purple Rain till the time I met him at Universal Music in 2006,” he wrote in an IG message back in April. The rhymer was even supposed to collaborate with Prince back in the day but due to his profanity Prince declined. Game explained it was at a time when Prince was focused on honoring his newfound faith.

“That’s the evolution of people in their lives,” Game said. “You get older, you get wiser. Prince became a Jehovah’s Witness and he stopped [cursing]… you know, he cut out all that. So, we didn’t do the song cause I needed that curse word.”

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