Gas prices all over the country have slowly been creeping up this year to a level we haven't seen in close to 7 years. In California, gas prices have reached $7.59 a gallon.

If gas prices start to get that high in Michigan your asking for a Mad Max scenario. These prices are just gonna give people more incentive to go out and purchase an E-Vehicle (Electric Car). Honestly, it would probably turn out to be way cheaper, in the long run, to get one, because I don't see these prices getting any better in the future.

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AAA says said the average for a gallon of gasoline in California is $4.52. It’s much higher in the rural town of Gorda, where the cost of a gallon is...  $7.59 a gallon.

That’s for regular. Premium gas tops off at $8.50 per gallon.


AAA says, “Compared to the price of gas a year ago, it now costs consumers about $17 more to fill up their vehicles. That’s the cost of a large pizza with toppings. And unfortunately, it doesn’t look like drivers will be finding relief at the pump any time soon.”


Gasoline prices are now at a seven-year high.

The national average for a gallon of gas is $3.35.

The national average is way too damn high. With gas sitting at an average of $3.35 a gallon I don't see how anyone with the ability to do so would keep a gasoline car. You amount of money you could save from switching over to an E-vehicle would eventually pay it off. I wasn't sold on the whole electric vehicle until recently. They've made some crazy advancements in battery technology so now most cars can get you past 300 miles of range!

We've gotta figure out something because continuing to pay these outrageous gas prices has to stop.



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