Normally during the Fall and Winter seasons, gas prices tend to take a dive, but a recent report suggests that due to multiple factors consumers will be stuck paying inflated prices for a while.

For all my truck drivers out there, I feel for you. 

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Travel club AAA listed a national average retail price of approximately $3.41 for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline for Nov. 2, the highest it’s been since late 2014.


Prices tend to move lower during the fall and winter because of lower demand and because refineries start making a different seasonal blend of fuel that’s cheaper to produce. But because oil prices are high, along with prices for some components needed to make gasoline, consumers haven’t had any relief at the pump this year.

So if refineries only make that special blend of gasoline during the winter and fall season for cheaper prices. Why can't we have that blend all year round? What are they using? Pumpkin spice? I feel like the market is pushing people more and more toward EV's (Electric Vehicles). Granted the idea of plugging your car up at night and never worrying about gas stations again sounds promising. But, they're not idiot-proof yet.

I have a hard time remembering to charge my cellphone at night, and now I've gotta remember to do it EVERY NIGHT!? Ha, no. I'm not ready for that, so ill take the hit over the head for now on gas prices until they figure out how to charge a car up in 5 mins I'm not interested.


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