Yes, really. And you should get on that.

Because what else are you doing right now? No concerts, no festivals, no NOTHING. Why not volunteer your time to hang out with some ADORABLE animals who will be SO EXCITED to see you?!

Genesee County Animal Control is located on Pasadena Avenue in Flint. They house strays and lost animals until they can find a permanent home and, with all of the fur babies comes a LOT of responsibility. That's why they're looking for volunteers to fill several job duties:

  • dog walkers
  • cat cuddlers
  • foster parents
  • housekeeping

New volunteer orientation is today and tomorrow; if you're interested in walking the dogs, cuddling the cats, helping keep the facility clean or even being a temporary home for one of their many fur babies, you MUST pre-register with Danielle Macko at GCAC. You also must be at least 18-years-old and have a valid ID card. 

You can email Danielle at and tell her which date that you can attend the volunteer orientation.

Along with the above duties, they're looking for  "animal lovers wanting to help socialize our cats and help with basic grooming. Walking our dogs, taking photographs, and anyone able to help with housekeeping tasks," according to their website.

If you've been wanting to use your extra time to do good in our community, I can't recommend this enough. These animals need just as much, if not more, than our pets at home. So, if you can help, please do! Woof :)

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