Genesee County has an STD problem, and now the health department is trying to take some steps fix it.

Genesee County is usually ranked near the top of all Michigan counties when it comes to STD rates. ABC12 reports that most recent data shows some scary stats.

  • 3rd highest rate of Gonorrhea
  • 4th highest rate of Chlamydia
  • 5th highest rate of Syphilis

The Genesee County Health Department is joining with an awareness and prevention campaign called "Wear One."

According to a press release from The GCHD, the 'Wear One' campaign has a specific focus.

The campaign focuses on providing discreet packages containing condoms, lubricant, and educational materials that will be accessible free of charge in bars, salons and barber shops, tattoo parlors, and many other locations

The specific locations and more information about the 'Wear One' campaign will be available starting December 1st on the GCHD website here.

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