With summer approaching I thought it would be nice of me to help 'get you right.' What is 'getting right' -- thats simple, 'Getting Right' is optimal peak performance in whatever task is at hand.

The first task of you 'Getting Right' starts with your health. My big unc CT is going to help me with that feel free to see how 'Pain' will 'Get you right.'

CT Fletcher is one hard nosed bad mother shut yo mouth! This video I'm sure is a fraction of what his training regime consist of. If this does not motivate you to get up and hit the gym, floor, or whatever,  then you should kiss that new Sized Small 2 piece bye bye ladies and fellas stock up on some new Hanes T Shirts because you gone need them since your shirts going to be on all summer.

Hear CT out before you judge him, might save your marriage and prevent congestive heart failure or high blood pressure