The Geto Boys have reportedly canceled their final reunion tour.

On Thursday (May 23), TMZ reported that Bushwick Bill pulled out of the reunion on the night before the four-city tour was set to begin. The celebrity news site says sources close to Bill say the veteran Geto Boy felt like organizers of The Beginning of a Long Goodbye: The Final Farewell tour were trying to profit off of his stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

On May 1, Bushwick Bill, born Richard Stephen Shaw, revealed how he found out about the mass growing on his pancreas in a TMZ video. The diagnosis came in early February after doctors discovered a mass on the rapper's pancreas. Doctors seem certain that the mass wasn’t caused by any disease, alcohol or illegal substance.

About a week after Bill publicly revealed he had pancreatic cancer, the Geto Boys confirmed the tour which would've kicked off today in Pontiac, Mich. and continued to Cleveland, Ohio, Washington, D.C. and New York. However, Bill's sources assert that the ailing rapper felt like everything about the tour down to the title was bringing him closer to his deathbed.

Originally, Bushwick had cooked up the idea for a reunion towards the end of April when he called Scarface and Willie D to see how they felt about it. Bill said they could hammer out the details after his next doctor appointment. That's when his cancer diagnosis was confirmed. However, Bill feels like the organizers exploited the news about his disease and siped his idea to develop the tour.

Scarface and Willie D were reportedly shocked by the news about the tour. Instead of the reunion, Bushwick Bill has reportedly locked in a 20-city Phuck Cancer solo tour, which will begin June 8 in Dallas. He plans to donate 10% of proceeds to pancreatic cancer patients in every city he hits.

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