Excuse me while I flash back to the time of 1992, to the time I was 7 years.

In my opinion the 90's were the best decade for television when it comes to children/family shows.The 90's had Goof Troops, Aladdin, Power Rangers Beetleborgs, and one of my personal favorites GHOSTWRITER.

As an adult, when I look back on it now the acting on this show was absolutely terrible.

But the show kept me glued to PBS each and every Sunday, and I'm sure I wasn't the only child that was glued to the television.

If you do not know what this show was about, it was about a group of kids that solved crimes in their New York neighborhood all with the help of a ghost that they named "Ghostwriter".

As I mentioned earlier it was hugely popular, and basically educated children on 'reading and writing.

Were you a fan of this show?