Mister Rogers was the king of PBS, and a staple of children's TV forever.  Trying to describe the influence he had on a generation of children is like trying to describe how hot the sun is.

This remix put together by PBS Digital Studios may have started out as a funny project, but it ended up being a priceless piece of knowledge and nostalgia. 

One of the YouTube comments summed it up best saying, "Is this supposed to make me laugh? Because it made me cry."

Anyone who has kids and tries hard everyday to teach them to be well rounded, positive, independent thinkers will be touched by this.  These are things that Mr. Rogers said on his show all the time that probably went unappreciated.

Maybe it's the music, or the fact that I am trying to instill this in my own kids right now, but these words hit me like a ton of bricks.  Thank you Mister Rogers, even though you were sending this lesson to me all along.

"You make everyday special, just by being you." MR. ROGERS

Mister Rogers Remix - 'Garden Of Your Mind'